Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Name, New Features, New Plans

Almost 4 month passed since initial launch , we don't have lots of users but we have some good things and hopefully those things will help our site to gain popularity. As for the news - I bought a meaningfully sounded domain - and is now a secondary domain. Official name of the site is LifeChapters . New features : event based security , better help section, contest where winners get $25 ITunes Gift Card, improved people search, some design improvements / changes.
We completed building for 30 life stories of the famous people.
Average number of visitors is now ~30 daily, unfortunately they are not there to create a life story but to look at some celebrities life stories.

As for next steps, I am planning to launch ad campaign via Facebook or Google (AdWords) as well as to translate LifeChapters into Russian language.

Site is really becoming mature now but there still a lot to do.

Monday, March 7, 2011

How are we doing ?

Everything goes as predicted, we are still creating life stories of the famous people. Next update of the site is scheduled on March 15th. Couple things to be changed including calendar (current works in ugly way on IPad/IPhone) and featured list of users to be placed on the main page. Some existing life stories would need to be reworked as they are not looking sharp or conclusive.

By "everything goes as predicted" I also meant the fact that we have less then 5 actual users on site and for now, I am ok with this number as I'd rather have the polished web site for new users to visit. Otherwise they will be gone for good.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LifeStory is live

The LifeStory web site ( is online and available.

Unfortunately Internet Explorer does not render pages very well. If you decide to go and check out, please make sure to do it on FireFox or Safari. I'll work to fix all IE rendering issues ASAP.

Also some FireFox versions are not allowing Facebook "like" button to be processed. As a result, you may face a never-ending loop if you click "Like" button while running FireFox. The issue is described at . A workaround is to add to list of the sites FireFox accept the cookie from

Thursday, January 27, 2011

LifeStory to be online Feb 1st 2011

I am pleased to announce that LifeStory project ( is going as planned and expected to be online on Feb 1st 2011. There still lot of things to improve but I believe the web site is mature enough to be presented and anticipate people to start creating their own Life Stories and socialize.

Here are some images of the web site look :

And here is a sample Life Story of Brad Pitt :
As you can see image thumbs are not proportionally displayed (they will be shown in original size and be a  proportionally correct if you click on them). I gave up proportions for the cost of alignment.

Will gain success ? I don't know but it will be an interesting to see how it goes and where it ends (or, should I say, where it lands :) )